Jameson Leung's Blue Ocean

Jameson Leung’s Blue Ocean – The Guidebook to New Financial Heights 

Officially Released

Offering Valuable Insights and Guidance to Young Financial Professionals

Mr. Jameson Leung, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Grandtag Financial Group, released his autobiography Jameson Leung’s Blue Ocean – The Guidebook to New Financial Heights. Apart from recounting his inspiring journey, the book is also full of valuable insights and guidance from the CEO of an international financial group and a veteran with over 35 years of extensive experience for both the young people interested in, or newcomers to, the financial sector offered by.

Readers will get a glimpse of how Jameson achieved success through hard work. On his journey toward success, Jameson was deeply inspired by the popular Blue Ocean and Red Ocean strategies, which first appeared in the book entitled Blue Ocean Strategy . The book’s ground-breaking concept highlights the key to success: whilst the Red Ocean market is thoroughly developed, the Blue Ocean is still emerging. This idea inspired Jameson to explore potential markets, taking the Group from strength to strength. Today, Grandtag is a leading financial group in Asia with operations in Mainland China, Hong Kong, different Asian countries, Europe and the U.S.

Jameson Leung’s Blue Ocean –The Guidebook to New Financial Heights also shares advice on achieving success, adding values and strengthening the personal core values required for a CEO. It is now available globally on dangdang.com, Amazon and other major online distributors:

dangdang.com: http://product.dangdang.com/23601895.html?ref=suggest-1-0
Amazon: http://www.amazon.cn/%E5%9B%BE%E4%B9%A6/dp/B00PRVI748/ref=pd_rhf_se_p_img_1

This book is only available in Simplified Chinese.