Global network of associates

Grandtag places particular emphasis on human interaction in Asia to cater for different cultures, traditions and geographic locations.


In addition to our operational hubs, Grandtag's international network also spans a number of other locations, such as Brunei, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, South Korea, Thailand, and Mainland China. Succinctly, we go after every growth market, and grow with it.


Hong Kong Headquarters

Our head office, with deep roots in Hong Kong, is geared towards providing services on a global basis. It is the center of product design and creation, along with sales and marketing operations, aided by an advanced information management system to ensure a diverse as well as up-to-date product range.


Grandtag Taipei aims at becoming a flagship company capitalizing on high-quality land and real properties around the world.

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Nine years into operation, our Shanghai representative office has grown increasingly important, thanks to its geographic location at the hub of China's transportation network, as well as Shanghai's preeminent status as China's financial center. Grandtag Shanghai opens the door to our business partners who are interested in playing a part in the rapidly growing Chinese economy.


Since its establishment in 2007, Grandtag Singapore has benefitted from the country's developmental blueprint of becoming a financial center providing extensive services to the massive neighboring Malay populations in Indonesia and Malaysia.

Los Angeles

5hubs_losAngeles.jpgIn Los Angeles, Grandtag Madison is a partnership company engaging in Property Banking, while our Grandtag U.S. Regional Office is an insurance agency that serves as a conduit to bring above-par American life policies at lowest cost to benefit our clients in Asia. Through our special arrangement, Asian clients can now obtain a US jumbo life policy in their place of abode without flying to the US.

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Grandtag North America consists of three major lines of business activities, intended primarily to serve the interests of Asian clients. Our business partner in Vancouver provides one-stop-shop immigration services, including home purchase, children's education, taxation planning and wealth management, to satisfy the varying needs of new immigrants in Canada.

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